Couples therapy sessions last for 50-ish minutes and consist of time spent in collaboration with your partner(s) and the therapist. The first few sessions are spent introducing the therapist to the history of your relationship as well as each partner’s own individual developmental and relationship history. Your therapist is there to help the members of the relationship identify the negative cycles that get played out and understanding what emotions and behaviors are experienced during the cycle. Couples therapy sessions evaluate what components increase distance and disconnect between partners and the therapist will look to partners to learn to turn toward each other in session and outside to discuss, share, and support one another in a more vulnerable way.

Generally partners and therapist will meet weekly or bi-weekly. At times you may be asked to join the therapist in individual sessions. A therapists role is not necessarily to ensure that a relationship stays in-tact; it is to create a contained supportive space for all members of the relationship to learn and grow either into a healthier relationship together or into a healthier individual separate from the relationship. The outcome of whether you stay in the relationship or not is solely up to you and therapist will not make a recommendation for one or the other.

$175/50 minute session.

Does this sound like you?

You’re feeling the distance between you and your partner(s) growing and you are becoming worried. Even in a relationship you’re feeling alone. You want a deeper connection with your partner(s) but you aren’t sure how to make that happen. You are hoping to get help feeling safe with vulnerability so you can reconnect with one another and take your relationship to the next level.

Can you relate to this?

You are frustrated that it seems like you can never say the right thing. You worry about how frequently you and your partner(s) miscommunicate. You are feeling tired of conflict and arguments that leave you tense and anxious. You want help to explore how you might better communicate through differences while maintaining closeness with one another.

Can you relate to this?

Trust in your relationship has been compromised. Partner(s) are feeling hurt, scared, betrayed, guilty, remorseful. Your efforts to repair the relationship have not been effective and you aren’t sure how to move forward. You want help with rebuilding trust and finding ways to get your relationship to a more healthy place.