If you are looking for a safe environment to work through things that have made relationships difficult for you, this group is for you. You could benefit from participation in the group if you are someone who struggles with confidence in connecting with others, feelings of awkwardness in conversation, perspective taking and navigating differences in others, and/or identifying and regulating emotions when around others.

Using a Table Top Role Playing Game called Dungeons and Dragons, you will be guided through a game of imagination and fantasy that is uniquely designed to help you build confidence around creating relationships with others. To start you will create a fictional character that you will role-play as you and your fellow group members, along with a Therapeutic Game Master, co-create a story together. Each week you will engage in a collaborative process of story-telling and decision making, playing as your character rather than yourself. You will encounter characters that may be allies to the adventuring group or they may be adversaries. You will guide your character through tricky social situations, investigating potential problems occurring in the fantasy world your characters are in, and resolving dilemmas. Through this type of co-creation and collaborative story-telling you, your character, and the adventuring party’s decisions will affect the plot of the story through a variety of rewards and consequences.

No experience with Dungeons and Dragons or other Table Top Role Playing Games is necessary. This program is a simplified adaptation of Dungeons and Dragons and is not bogged down by too many rules as that is not the central focus of the program.

As a member of the group, you will benefit by increasing your:

  • Sense of belonging and purpose
  • Ability to cope with stressful situations
  • Ability to calmly confront difficult situations
  • Feelings of connectedness with others
  • Confidence in social situations
  • Perspective taking ability, improve empathy and understanding of others
  • Belief in your own ability to be creative
  • Ability to understand emotions as they relate to current triggers
  • Self awareness
  • Critical and ethical reasoning
  • Tolerance of failure
  • Mindfulness skills for emotion regulation and calm/wise decision making


  • Thursdays 4-6pm weekly
    • 2 hour sessions allow for time at the start to check in with each other, 90 minutes of game play, and time at the end to debrief with each other.
  • Fee
    • $90/2 hour session ($45/hour)
    • OR receive a discounted rate and pay $345 monthly
  • Cost Includes:
    • Physical space (including full kitchen, full conference room)
    • Materials for game/character development
    • Snacks and drinks for each session
    • Personalized support of the Therapist/Game Facilitator outside of session for character development, stuck points a player might be experiencing internally that are interfering ability to play, questions about how to play
    • Access to a private online space for players to connect with each other outside of session
  • Players are asked to commit to a minimum of 12 sessions. It’s a commitment worth making. To yourself. To the story. To the other players.